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Episode 25: Postman Pat

Another long running classic as we head to Greendale and join a Postman Pat, a postal worker who possibly has too much time on his hands and surprisingly not the only phallic nose in the area. We take a look at the gentle village that Pat delivers to, and are fairly sure there is a darker side to this rural utopia than meets the eye. Jess rules!

Episode 24: The Real Ghostbusters

Who you going to call? The Real Ghostbusters! The 80s classic that teaches us the people on the streets of New York are more terrifying than the ghosts, Bill Murrey is one of a kind and theme tune still rocks. Ecto-1 rules!

Episode 23: Grange Hill

A flashback inducing episode this week as Henry and Jenny are transported back to their school days in this very British, very 70s look at a first day of school. Embracing a more realistic, gritty view of school when compared to other shows, we learn that both kids and teachers can be little shits, first day of school can be confusing and the late 70s where not kind to childrens haircuts! Tucker rules!

Episode 22: Bucky O’Hare and the Toad Wars

Captain Bucky O'Hare and the crew of the Righteous Indignation fight the evil Toad empire in this short lived 90s space opera based on the comics of the same name. Join us on the sofa this week as we remember that the 90s were way too colourful, green rabbits are not normal, and anthropomorphised cats shouldn't be sexy. Jenny rules!

Episode 21: Dogtanian and the Three Muskehounds

Woof! Classical literature but with dogs! We try and decide why this show was popular and if it really deserves a movie reboot. Join us for bad theme songs, surprisingly non-lethal sword fighting and too many doggy sounds. Yip!

Episode 20.5: X-Men Animated Series Watch Along

We present another Watch Along episode! This week we are watching X-Men, The Animated Series, Season 1 Episode 3. We recommend that you watch along with us, you can find the episode online, just start the episode when we do. Enter Magneto!

Episode 20: The Flower Pot Men

1952 here we come! It doesn't get much more retro than this! Possessed plant pots, animate flowers and magical boots help prove that television aimed at children has always been a bit weird! Idealised English suburbia rules!

Episode 19: Ulysses 31

Greek mythology, in space! French writing and Japanese animation, what could go wrong? We zoom to the 31st Century to follow the adventures of Ulysses and his kids as they manage to annoy a pantheon of gods no one has heard from for thousands of years. The theme song rules!

Episode 18: Mary, Mungo and Midge

Back to the 60s this week with this often forgotten British classic that has it all, modern architecture, talking animals, tea drinking builders, flute solos and a possibly demon-possessed young girl!

Episode 17: Jem and the Holograms

A truly, truly outrageous episode this week as we are tackled in the face by this slice of the 80s. Join us at breakneck speed for multiple costume changes, big hair and unexpected music videos in this cartoon for the kids of the MTV generation! The Misfits rule!

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