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Episode 32: Babar

We get to hang out with the king of the elephants this week in a shocking episode, actual deaths occur! In a childrens show! Based on books written in 1931 and broadcast around the world, this is a much beloved franchise that is not without its share of controversy! Babar rules! Literally, he is the king of the elephants...

Episode 31: Byker Grove

Another staple of British television that launched the acting careers of far too many people as we visit the Byker Grove youth club! We learn that leather jacket wearing boys are bad boys, you're never too young for a side hustle and nobody is impressed with you lifting weights Gill!! What the hell is a Spuggy?

Episode 30: Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons

This is the voice of Cereal Viewing. We are going to explain our cunning plan in a slow intimidating voice. Another Gerry Anderson creation this week (Henry was very excited) as we watch Captain Scarlet. Rendered immortal, he must do battle with agents of the very deep voiced aliens from Mars. We learn that in the 60's they thought there would be very little traffic, no one would walk anywhere and everything would be S.I.G.! The Angels rule!

Episode 29: The Littlest Hobo

A mysterious dog! Overly trusting park rangers! Vacant vets! We are in 1970s Canada this week  for The Littlest Hobo as we learn that the wrong guy got blamed, leaving raw meat on the doorstep is an ok thing to do and park rangers in Canada were the manliest thing in the 70s. Maybe tomorrow we'll be able to get that theme tune out of our heads. Extra manly park ranger rules!

Episode 28: The Jetsons

We can see the year 2062 from the sofa this week! A much beloved classic from Hanna-Barbera Productions, we follow the antics of the Jetsons Family as they deal with the troubles of the future, like pushing buttons and having to do domestic chores themselves. We learn that 1960s family stereotypes are alive and well a hundred tears later, the theme tune reminds us all of another long running animated series, and maybe the Flintstones should have stayed in the past. Rosie rules!

Episode 27: Beverly Hills Teens

Welcome to the opulant and over the top world of the Beverly Hills Teens. We learn that greed is good, being spoiled is not a character flaw and obnoxiuosly rich teen role models are just as horny as regular teens. Join us we discover that the super rich have installed wave machines in the ocean and the most popular girl in teen club shows us how to punch a shark. 

Episode 26: Samurai Pizza Cats

Welcome to Little Tokyo and one of the most off the wall, self-referential, wacky pieces of entertainment to have passed in front of the sofa. 4th wall breaks abound as we listen to the crazy cats and see how may 90s references we can catch! Polly Ester rules!

Episode 25: Postman Pat

Another long running classic as we head to Greendale and join a Postman Pat, a postal worker who possibly has too much time on his hands and surprisingly not the only phallic nose in the area. We take a look at the gentle village that Pat delivers to, and are fairly sure there is a darker side to this rural utopia than meets the eye. Jess rules!

Episode 24: The Real Ghostbusters

Who you going to call? The Real Ghostbusters! The 80s classic that teaches us the people on the streets of New York are more terrifying than the ghosts, Bill Murrey is one of a kind and theme tune still rocks. Ecto-1 rules!

Episode 23: Grange Hill

A flashback inducing episode this week as Henry and Jenny are transported back to their school days in this very British, very 70s look at a first day of school. Embracing a more realistic, gritty view of school when compared to other shows, we learn that both kids and teachers can be little shits, first day of school can be confusing and the late 70s where not kind to childrens haircuts! Tucker rules!

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