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Episode 14: A.L.F.

We stray in to sitcom territory this week as we watch 1986s A.L.F.! Join us and the furry brown alien as we experience bad child actors, generic 80s US teenagers and incompetent government officials!

Episode 13: Chuck Norris: Karate Kommandos

Kee-Yah!! Welcome back to our second season on the sofa. We think Chuck Norris just might be in this short lived series of slow-assed karate moves, questionable child care and overly sincere teaching moments. Hiiiii-Yahhh!

Episode 12: Transformers

There is more than meets the eye this week as Jeremy takes the lead for the phenomenon that is Transformers! Join us as the bad guys plan starts to make more sense, Optimus Prime lends the Decepticons a hand and a TV show hits Jeremy in the feels. Cereal viewers, roll out!

Episode 11: Rentaghost

Who you gonna call? Er, Rentaghost? Join us on the couch as we drink in the '70s atmosphere, enjoy cutting edge graphics (for the '70s) and decide if jesters really are funny.

Episode 10: Fireman Sam

This week we are off to the Welsh town of Pontypandy as Firefighters take pointless risks and some of them porbably shouldn't be in positions of authority. We can only apologise for our attempts at accents now!

Episode 9: Wacky Races

Our first Hanna-Barbera outing! Will Dastardley ruin the race? Will Penelope get her wheels dry? Does that guys stearing wheel smell of feet? Who will win? Does anyone care?!

Episode 8: Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors

Join us for the most Glam-Metal theme song, a surprisingly good sidekick and a whiny teenager in this extended television advert. Oon rules!

Episode 7: Henry’s Cat

Could Henry's Cat be the British answer to Garfield? Find out as we watch a yellow cat who is lazy, snarky and likes to eat. Sound familiar? 

We are also very grateful for our very first caller to the show!

Episode 6: Battle of the Planets

The classic Battle of the Planets this week, the perfect mix of flared trousers, panty shots and a musical journey through the 70's. Join us this week as we don't believe they saved the day!

Episode 5: Knightmare

We watched the classic Knightmare this week and learned that some fashion is not timeless and some shows are begging for a remake. Treguard Rules!

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