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Episode 20.5: X-Men Animated Series Watch Along

We present another Watch Along episode! This week we are watching X-Men, The Animated Series, Season 1 Episode 3. We recommend that you watch along with us, you can find the episode online, just start the episode when we do. Enter Magneto!

Episode 20: The Flower Pot Men

1952 here we come! It doesn't get much more retro than this! Possessed plant pots, animate flowers and magical boots help prove that television aimed at children has always been a bit weird! Idealised English suburbia rules!

Episode 19: Ulysses 31

Greek mythology, in space! French writing and Japanese animation, what could go wrong? We zoom to the 31st Century to follow the adventures of Ulysses and his kids as they manage to annoy a pantheon of gods no one has heard from for thousands of years. The theme song rules!

Episode 18: Mary, Mungo and Midge

Back to the 60s this week with this often forgotten British classic that has it all, modern architecture, talking animals, tea drinking builders, flute solos and a possibly demon-possessed young girl!

Episode 17: Jem and the Holograms

A truly, truly outrageous episode this week as we are tackled in the face by this slice of the 80s. Join us at breakneck speed for multiple costume changes, big hair and unexpected music videos in this cartoon for the kids of the MTV generation! The Misfits rule!

Episode 16: The Tripods

We dive in to the British cult classic The Tripods and experience some surprisingly good special effects, some suprisingly bad ones and terrifying alien war machines popping up like Ned Flanders from behind a tree. Post-apolacyptic living never looked so good!

Episode 15: Gargoyles

Dodgy accents! Gravelly voices! Plot twists! Here on the couch this week we enjoy a healthy dose of 90s animation with the surprisingly deep Gargoyles by Disney. Now who do I talk to about getting Goliath to narrate my life? The princess sucks!

Episode 14: A.L.F.

We stray in to sitcom territory this week as we watch 1986s A.L.F.! Join us and the furry brown alien as we experience bad child actors, generic 80s US teenagers and incompetent government officials!

Episode 13: Chuck Norris: Karate Kommandos

Kee-Yah!! Welcome back to our second season on the sofa. We think Chuck Norris just might be in this short lived series of slow-assed karate moves, questionable child care and overly sincere teaching moments. Hiiiii-Yahhh!

Episode 12: Transformers

There is more than meets the eye this week as Jeremy takes the lead for the phenomenon that is Transformers! Join us as the bad guys plan starts to make more sense, Optimus Prime lends the Decepticons a hand and a TV show hits Jeremy in the feels. Cereal viewers, roll out!

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